In the Now.

Sometimes, when I’m tired, and this world is a little too much for me to take (which, to be honest, is quite often these days) I like to play amongst the flowers. I like to tread, barefoot, through the grasses, allowing the thorns to catch in the lining of my dress, implant themselves into the soles of my feet to remind me that I am still here, that I still feel, that I still drink of this liquid air and thirst for the sunshine on my skin.

Because my spirit needs replenishing.

My mind needs silence. It needs the winds brushing up against the tall grasses it needs the refracting light upon the glossy surface of a petal it needs the cool grinding movement of rolling soil beneath my feet.

My eyes are weary from illuminated screens and my skin is pale from halogenic lights and my spirit is waning like wax beneath the burning flame of candlelight. I’m dying out. My fire is flickering softly, ever so softly, as the world continues to blow upon its trembling glow.

Because some days, the unhappy outweighs everything else. Some days, there is more bad than good. The scales of my life have fallen out of equilibrium and I need to hit the reset button, and rediscover peace of mind.

Perhaps I have had too much coffee. Perhaps I have dwelled too long in the realm of social media. Perhaps my tongue has loosened itself beyond repair with toxic gossip and unkind words and unravels forth from the confines of my mouth, spewing out poisonous proclamations that do not spread the love that I am so fond of spreading. And so I have to remind myself. Remind myself that there are things far greater than I. Remind myself that there is still beauty out there, and it is never as far as I think it is. I need only remove myself. Just a bit. Step a few feet off the path tread the uneven soil and plant myself in something real and something nourishing.

Because hearts break when beauty remains undiscovered. Souls are crushed beneath the brutish weight of man made things. It isn’t that we lack the capacity, but merely that we lack the drive.

So, today, I breath in the air of something forgiving. Of something kind and honest and loving. Of something authentic. Beyond the capacities of what we may create I allow myself to become lost in fields of flowers. And hope that they will allow me to rediscover in myself that which I have set aside for another day. Because the time is now. It is always, and will always, fervently, unceasingly, be now.

51 thoughts on “In the Now.

  1. This reminds me of a quote by Henry David Thoreau: β€œThe mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” He also said something else that I admire: β€œYou must work very long to write short sentences.”

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    1. Hahaha the last one cracked me up, because I was just having this conversation with someone today. Who told me to cut back just a bit. As a writing experiment. I think I’m far too stubborn.
      Thank you for your read, and thoughtful response, friend. As always.

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            1. I don’t live in paradise, by any means, but sometimes I find myself getting up at the magical hours, when the world looks new. The hours of dawn or dusk. You can always find something new, something you haven’t appreciated before.
              Life is magic. It saddens me that people don’t allow themselves to remember.


  2. This morning I stood in the rain, under a hemlock tree, spending time with the tiny violets just starting to come up. I’ve always loved the littlest flowers in the woods. The unobtrusive ones. Then, a few hours later I get online and find this post. A perfect, beautiful, and poignant accompaniment to my morning. Are you familiar with the Japanese phrase, ‘shinrin-yoku’? It translates to ‘forest bathing’, or a form of healing that involves simply wandering in nature. I thought of that when reading your words here.

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    1. I have never heard of that, but is perfectly sums up what I was saying. Glad my words could bring you back to your beautiful morning. What a precious way to spend those first few hours of the day. Awesome. Keep bathing in nature. ❀❀

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  3. A lovely post, and something I could connect with immediately. I make it a point to get outside and look at the sky and listen to the birds every day – I entice the birds with seed and suet all year round. Than you so much for following my blog – I a honored.

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  4. Beautifully written! And I think we all need a recharge of life once in a while. That’s why we have a nature around us; why some of us create pieces of art. As for my self: Why I engage in nature photography (which is a ‘re-charge’ in itself!)
    So welcome to my blog! Please enjoy it slowly and it weill last you a looong time!
    There are more than 6000 ‘full screen’ pictures waiting on you! Any one of them may be clicked into ‘full screen’ for small details to be enjoyed. You may also use the small ‘search window’ on my front page actively: Please try inserting ‘sunset’ and follow through with the ‘Enter’-button.
    Now you’ll be presented with hundreds of sunset pictures!

    And if you really appreciate what you find here, please share with your friends!

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