The Poetry Project

So I’m starting a new project.  I am so very tired of all the negativity of this world–of the politically charged anger and hatred being preached from varying outlets.  I have decided to do something about it.

This blog is all about love.  It is all about connectivity; about travelling far beyond the scope of normal, complacent human existence, and into a realm of relationship and beauty.  But it isn’t enough.  I’m not getting to enough people…we aren’t getting to enough people.  Everything that all of us talk about–how madly in love we are with this world and with one another; the outlet is too small.  And so I am expanding. And it is weird and it is strange and I can’t figure out how to use an Iphone, let alone other forms of technology so the quality will likely always be shit but it doesn’t matter.  Because it’s not about the quality.  It’s about the words.  It’s about the meaning.

This is my Poetry Project.  Changing the world through little love poems.  I will never cease to try and find an outlet that works–an outlet that derives change.  Perhaps this one won’t, and then it will be on to the next.  But that’s okay.  I’ve got time.

Love to each of you, my fellow wanderers.  Big, big love. ❤

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