America the Beautiful…(damn she’s hot)

My last post was about coming home. And this post won’t be much different. Except, I’m not talking about a house, I’m talking about a nation.
Some of you have questioned my nationalism. And that’s okay, I get it. I understand. I hear you.
But you should know that I wear these shit kickers with pride. I tend my land and raise my livestock and sing the praises of America the beautiful. Because that’s exactly what she is.
Her rolling plains are like the body of a goddess, perfectly rounded, positively delectable. Her spacious skies are as outer as space itself. Her amber waves of grain are crystallized in perfect patterned pictures of farmers honing fields of wheat.
Her purpled mountains are so majestic that the word ceases to be capable of defining them. So fruitful, she is sweet in saccharine fructose, and I savor every bite.
But have you heard the second verse? Or the third? The forth?
I love this land. More than self I love the people who preside here. And yes, I love mercy more than I love life because what is life without mercy? The feet of pilgrims walked upon a land I am fortunate enough to call my own #blessed call me millennial call me liberal call me extreme but God is mending my every flaw, because there is liberty in law. Our constitution preaches freedom and so I must preach the same.
Our alabaster cities gleam despite the glow of human tears and I watch them twinkle, both the cities and the tears, brightly lit from the window of the plane and it is like a lighthouse, guiding me back home.
Because I see beyond the years. I see beyond the moments and the trivialities and I, as much as all of you, want to make this nation great. Not again. Because it is great already. But I want to see it blossom. To bloom. To grow. Not close at the setting of the day like sunflowers, their proud heads shrinking in the darkness.
I want to see the amber bloom. The waves of grain create oceans of change and beauty and compassion.
America has not yet lost her beauty, because it is alive in each one of us. Carry the torch. Ignite the flames. Our skies have never ceased being spacious. Our hearts have never ceased being brave. And this nation has never ceased being great.
America, you’re fucking beautiful. I am so madly in love with every promise that you’ve made.  You’ve crowned thy good with brotherhood, and your seas are shining with the promise inherent in those words.

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