Plant Lady

Forgive me, friends. I have been away, occupied with turning my house into a jungle. So far, all is going well and up to speed.

When I was in India, the people had such connection with the wildlife growing all around them. It re-inspired me. Recreated me. Reincarnated me into a living, breathing being. I got lost in regrowth. I could not stay away.

When they make shrines unto their gods, there are always plants involved. They speak a sacred language, perhaps. Most certainly, they do the healing work. Flowers sit in bowls at entryways to homes, reminders of the goodness in all things. The beauty. The richness of the waters.

So I have decided to bring all of that back home. The worship of the flowers. The gifts to gods the Ceremony of all the living things. Isn’t life just lovely?

The reason is, I feel as if I am not breathing quite enough. Like the air filling my lungs doesn’t have the purity that air demands. Pollution is a shitty thing.

My body is unhappy, so I’ve been carving out some time to make it well. With plants. They’re everywhere. I love it.

Waking up to the face of something green beside my bed gives me new sense of life. So often, we create homes to distance ourselves, small dwellings in which we disconnect. And it is fine to do so…but pull the plug only on the things that do not matter. Plants do.

So yes, I’ve been away, building a jungle. It takes a lot of work to love these beauties. Some need misting of the leaves, others saturation of the soil. But it does my heart such goodness to see them in my waking hours.

If you find yourself missing something, a connection perhaps. If you find yourself hungry for air or thirsty for the things that give the very life we breathe, I recommend you fill your house. Let them purify your mind. Let them heal your spirit.

Is there such thing as a plant lady? Because, if there is, I am certain I have just become it.

13 thoughts on “Plant Lady

  1. Ah, a fellow biophiliac! If you take care of plants, they’ll take care of you. Did you see my recent post about biophilia? Your post echoes my assertion of the need to be surrounded by growing things. Breathe easy!

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