Open letter to LaPierre//The grandfather I never knew.

You should know that I started this blog to detail my adventures.  But, I am finding more increasingly, that my adventures often entail emotional experience, rather than “real life.”  This blog wasn’t started to combat, or to argue.  It was started to inspire.  To better us (and, realistically, to better myself, as writing often does).  And so I find that I cannot stay silent on any matter that plagues me.  Because the things I feel are a part of this wild heart of life are things we all subscribe to.  I won’t apologize again for getting political.  I won’t apologize, because my heart is no longer sorry for wanting to create a world more beautiful than the one in which we live.

I have been a proud member of the NRA for many years.  After Orlando, I did not renew my membership.  I did not renew, not because I do not believe in Second Amendment Rights, but because I do not believe in the shameless taking of a human life.  These terms are NOT synonymous.  Make no mistake, the few do not define the whole.  But they have the propensity to make it far worse, as all action does.

So, I’m posting the letter that I wrote to Wayne LaPierre, who I do not think is a bad man by any stretch.  Just a man who, perhaps, has not felt enough sadness on this matter.  After all, all we are is an accumulation of experience.  And every man’s is different.  For those who have not felt the sorrow, they must listen to the ones who have.  It takes effort, but that effort is not for want.  (Edit: this letter is not all inclusive.  There are other, more personal family stories regarding gun violence that I am respectfully declining to post upon a public outlet.)

25 thoughts on “Open letter to LaPierre//The grandfather I never knew.

    1. Thank you! So very much for your words. I do, however, want to be clear on something. Despite the fact that I am not particularly fond of guns myself, and I abhor violence, I do not want them taken away from owners who are responsible and in good health. That is a constitutional right. Ideally, we wouldn’t have them at all, of course. But the problem isn’t the guns. It’s the poor legislature, the far too easy access, and the uneducated gun owners that are a problem.
      But, thank you. As for taking anger out of our hearts, that is a great undertaking…but so so necessary. I’m with you all the way. ❤️


        1. For sure. To be honest, I’m not opposed to eliminating all guns. At all. If there was a button I could press to poof make them go away, I would. It’s just such a tangled web (at the moment) that I kind of remain somewhere in the middle. I do agree with you though, automatic weapons have no place in our homes.
          Anyway thank you for being a pacifist! We need more of you. Keep on keeping. Spread that peace. ❤️


  1. Again, wonderful! Thank you for being such an inspiration and always reminding me and your readers how to love. You are right in that getting rid of anger is a huge under taking – it can be so difficult at times- but I am right there with you fighting for love rather than hate. Thank you again.

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  2. The part about military grade assault weapons makes so much sense. It should inspire a movement. So far that simple idea is leaderless. Sad sad.

    P.S. I’m a grandfather. Your story helped me realize how blessed I am. So easy to take things for granted.

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  3. You are a saint Shayleene. A veritable Jeanne d’Arc, and I think she used a sword. As near as I can find only about 5-10% of gun owners are members of the NRA. If our politicians don’t ignore this gun lobby and actually DO something about gun safety then we should vote them OUT. It wouldn’t hurt if a few million more NRA members dropped their membership. Many of us second amendment supporters are TIRED of the MADNESS!! I just spent the last 15 minutes watching videos about bump stocks. I don’t see any need for automatic weapons that outweighs the need to keep them out the hands like the Vegas shooter. Talk about finessing definitions so that they are legal. Typical political BS. Seriously folks, people are dying out there.

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    1. It’s like we’ve forgotten the living in favor of absolutist legality and that hurts. The stocks are evidence of this at the moment. We’ve forgotten what to stand for. You are right, what is the possible need for an automatic weapon? I’ve never met someone who owned one that I trusted to own it. I’m not speaking for everyone, but those I have known who possess these weapons have always been the very people who never should. After all, what reasonable person wishes to possess a thing so deadly?
      Be well. Thanks for your response. Keep on keeping. ❤️


  4. It seems to me that one of the things we have to change is the language. Instead of calling for “gun control”, we should be calling for “gun safety”. Gun safety does not mean we take away guns from citizenry. When they are used for protection and for hunting and for sport shooting and for show, they are marvelous things. But gun safety does take into account public safety.

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