Poetical Musings

I love the way the pink hues of a sunset brush across the sky

In wide strokes and short strokes

Paint spilled on canvas.

I love the way the wildflowers tickle my legs

Wrapping themselves lovingly around my calves

Shedding their seed in the lining of my socks.

I love the way the grasses bend to the whims of the beasts

Bent and broken in perfect synchrony

Fields of grain turned oceans of rolling gold waves.

I love the sound of my feet upon the earth

Small indentations in the loosened soil

Memories of paces tread and miles adventures.

I love the sound of the trees

The rustling of their leaves in the breeze

The swaying dance of their branches as they carve out shadows in the earth.

I love the sound of the birds

The soft whistles of their song

Sweet melodies ringing out in a twilight wonderland of natural splendor.

I love the feel of the sinking sun against my face

The trickle of warmth upon my skin

Glimmers of a dying fire burning against my brow.

I love the feel of the sweat that clings like dew upon sun kissed skin

Cleansing my body

The burdens of this world leave streaks as they travel down the curve of my jaw.

I love the feel of the air as it swirls about me

Filling my lungs with purity and my body with life

Wrapping its arms around me in the eternal embrace of surrender.

I love this world.

Every darkened corner and every illuminated center it speaks to me in languages long forgotten by my mind but remembered by my soul.

This is the alter of the world

Where weary travelers succumb to tranquility

Where wells are refilled and spirits quenched

Where hearts are revived with the melody of creation

Love poems murmured at the close of a dying day.


Do you love me

The moon says yes

In the way her glowing light

Kisses my fair skin

Like milk 

Bathing me in the translucency 

Of whiteness 

I’m new again.