The work…

The work of the writer is to leave things different than they were before.  We have a choice: to leave them better, or to leave them worse.  For me, it’s become a sort of obligation.  A feverish desperation I have to bring some form of healing to an often hurting world, sourced from the knowledge that I, too often, have acted unkind.

Wild Heart of Life began as a travel blog, in which I explored unique corners of the world–submerging myself into cultures and wandering the paths that were often left untended.  It has since evolved into a different corner, one for exploring the vastness of the human experience, and the absolute and dire need for empathy and relationship.  It is a composite sketch of each and every unforgivably sharp and striking angle.  It is, perhaps, a bit messy.  But so is growing.

I hope you find some meaning here–some words to tame the wild hurting of our hearts.  After all, words are often all we have.  So welcome to mine.